Peace Protest 
Gathering at Glasgow Green  
From: Women in Sunglasses  Mon Nov 15 11:27:32 2004
"You're a bald man in a baseball cap"

From: Person Just Left of the Picture Frame in a Batman Costume  Mon Nov 15 11:34:13 2004
Oops. Wrong protest.


Campus Celebrity Ally  
From: Anti-Capitalist Ginger  Mon Nov 15 11:36:37 2004
"Down with the tobacco companies"


From: Websters  Mon Nov 15 11:37:45 2004
Yes, 'Pace', as in 'walk'.


And we're off  
From: Vikky-Sticks  Mon Nov 15 11:38:38 2004
Looks like someone forgot to put the banner on their poles.

From: pljgbov mnbodys  Sat Jun 16 05:06:13 2007
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People to the horizon  
From: Wealthy Donor  Mon Nov 15 11:39:24 2004
Geez. That sucks.


The SRC Crew  
From: ldje opjumantk  Sat Jun 16 03:47:25 2007
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From: kuvxgwmc ozcyagem  Sat Jun 16 03:47:30 2007
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Neil and his stilts  
From: Man at the End  Mon Nov 15 11:41:39 2004
What a Hero.


A few folk turned up  
From: Infiltrator  Mon Nov 15 11:44:34 2004
There was a great oppertunity missed by the goverment here. They could have flown some bombers over the SECC with some soap powder and the sent in the water cannons: fixing Glasgow's crippling dirty scaff problem.


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